Friday, 26 July 2013

Is Time To Pamper Your Face with Dessert ✦Hanaka Firming Red Wine Brulee Face Pack✦


Halo~~~ today want to share a good product with you.
La~La~~La~~~ finally I got it  >>>Hanaka Firming Red Wine Brulee Face Pack

Deng~Deng~~Deng~~~ Hanaka Firming Red Wine Brulee Face Pack
Main ingredient are Grape cell extract, red wine extract, grape seed oil and other essential antioxidant plant extracts.
Can improve the skin problems for early skin aging symptoms
In addition to anti-aging ingredients, 
Hyaluronic acid, cactus extract, elderberry flower extract and other precious ingredients

Helps to moist skin !!

This Hanaka Red Wine really look like yogurt, and most important the smell really nice.
Let me feel hungry while I applying   >.<"

Before apply the mask, my skin tone was uneven, and look nude.
You only need to apply a think layer for the mask,
This mask really feel like YOGURT ~~~~~


Let you have a look at close look
Really like butter icing ~
Very smooth, and I'm HUNGRY again ~~~
((Feel want to eat it)) hahaha XDDD
Apply evenly over entire face after that it becomes like this!
I seem to feel apply cream on my whole face (laughs)

Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse with water
Washing up will not be like as those Jelly Mask, Hanaka Red Wine mask need to take some time to clean up.

Then dry the face of the water after ..
The face look moist and brightening, it really quite amazing ah

You may see,my face was really softer than before !! (scared)

After first try, I started fall in love with this Hanaka Firming Red Wine Brulee Face Pack
I will continue to use it, to make my skin getting smooth, whitening and most important is Stay Young, Firming my skin !!

Ok, let sharing until here. Good Night ~~ 

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