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✦ Variety Eyeliner Make Up with Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Pen ✦

In fact, a long time ago, we often see some beauty makeup bloggers in Taiwan introduced this
"Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner"
Many people say that is easy to use because 

Good color is not easy blooming remover and cheap

Personally use only really know why so popular
This eyeliner really trustworthy & good in use
And the most important thing is ONLY RM29.90 per pen 

Converted into US dollars $ 9.30.

Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Pen have 4 colours:

1. Night Black (Pure)
2. Galaxy Black (Silver)
3. Choco Brown (Pure)
4. Golden Brown (Glitter)


Claire personally feel Pure colour eyeliner pen compare with Glitter eyeliner pen more anti-blooming.

Firstly, Claire will try a few lines on the back of her hand began to warm up a little eyeliner
So that the color will be more color and more floating paste

Many bloggers have demonstration of Miss Hana eyeliner glue pen is how waterproof + remover
So those who are interested can google search ~

Claire describes how to use the 4 colours of eyeliner gel pen to makeup ~

1. Light Coffee Make Up

Claire like to use brown eyeliner makeup of the weekdays
So Choco Brown is her favorite!

Choco Brown eyeliner will make eyes look softer
Claire usually in a daze do not laugh when often someone thought she was angry-__-
Then every time she returns to say I'm fine thank you
Others will also suspicious that true? Has been asking questions
Instead, she was to get results in the end did not get angry unhappy (helpless)

So now she will use choco brown eyeliner ~!
Avoid unnecessary misunderstanding ^ ___ ^

Step 1:
In fact, there are users asked how to paint within the liner
But Claire really do not know how to explain ...> __ <
Because every time they look up duds

The ability to do that she can explain that is
When in the mirror with your fingers and gently pull up the eyelids
If you can see in the mirror eyelashes eye Street gaps within the liner can 
Remember have to fill gaps between the eyelashes should be good!

Step 2:
At the top lashes draw of a thin eyeliner
Ugly point it does not matter
Will be blooming

Step 3:
Use a cotton swab to brush past outside prescription
Gently smudged eyeliner
This liner will gradient effect
Eye makeup does not look very dead

Step 4:
Usually go out she do not like mascara
But she will use the clip eyelashes eyelash curler upturned drop like ~

2. Glitter Coffee Micro-Smoked Make Up

This makeup is use Golden Brown Eyeliner
Because with glitter
Smoked part of expanding a close look at the eye makeup will be slightly shiny shiny feeling ~

Slightly smoky makeup would be more appropriate at night to hang out with friends out to eat.
Golden Brown would be more appropriate not want to use the black heavy makeup with glitter ^ __ ^
(Than pure brown with some fun)

Step 1:
Same as Look 1.
After eye at a fairly thick line

Step 2:
Then the lower end of eye 1/3 draw a line
Use the tip of your finger lightly across the smudged eyeliner

Step 3:
A thick eyelashes of the above

Step 4:
Use a cotton swab to gently smudged eyeliner
Remember the outward direction.
Direction to be consistent or eye makeup will look dirty

Step 5:
If the feeling is not deep enough
Repeat Step 2 to 4

Step 6:
Brush section hair on it!

3. Personality Style Black Eye Make Up 

Claire really no sense of personal style  > ___ <
Can only show a stink face annoying  : (((

Anyways, this eyeliner makeup with the point of decadence and point the feeling of mystery
In fact, her first touch up with cosmetics is because of Avril Lavigne
So first make-up is thick, smoky makeup ...
But grew up taste fades, light make up is more better & easier

This makeup using Night Black

Step 1:
The same as before step.
Step 2:
Draw a line at the end of eye eyeliner
About 1 ~ 1.5cm
Step 3:
A thin line in the middle of the eye of
With just eyeliner close up together of smudged eyeliner
Step 4:
1/3 lower end of eye draw a bit of eyeliner
In fact, as long as the gaps between the lashes to fillunder the lash line

Step 5:
Please also draw a thin eyeliner under the lash line.

Step 6:
Please remember to open gently with your fingertips or a cotton swab for the eyeliner
This completes the eye makeup ~

4. Long Dramatic Eyeliner Makeup

This makeup is most suitable for a special party or other special events in Taiwan
No one will go out like this?
Sometimes will see someone make up like this to go out.

This eyeliner is Galaxy Black
This is just purely for fun only

Step 1:
Draw start from Up to the end of eye lash
Can be more exaggerated does not matter
(If you want to draw until eyebrows also can, due to personal preferences)

Step 2:
Draw from the middle of the eye of a line
With just eyeliner connection together
Then painted the whole gap

Step 3:
Opened eyes to see whether it is satisfied
If you are not satisfied can take to modify ~

Step 4:
Draw within the liner.

Step 5:
Draw from head of the eye to the middle

Step 6:
Brush mascara then done ~

Are you get ready to start draw a beautiful eye with Miss Hana Eyeliner Gel Pen?
Please try it now   ~~~

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