Friday, 14 October 2011

TonyMoly 7公主水果唇彩 7 Princess Fruit Lip Gloss

当当当!!!  TonyMoly家七公主驾到 ~~~



七公主很漂亮, 也很可爱噢 ~~~  (^.^)
公主介绍他们, 从左至右草莓, 梅, 罗汉果, 桃, 石榴, 樱桃 苹果
价格:RM37.90 每个


★ 7公主水果光泽
★ 删除多余的凝胶抹的光泽顶部尖管。宽松的申请到嘴唇。 
 7 Princess Fruits Lip Gloss (7 type)
Capacity: 7g
Price: RM 37.90 each

Product Description

★ 7 Princess Fruits Gloss
    * 7 Princess Fruits Gloss that imparts Pure Color without feeling sticky , Moisture and Nutrition.
    * This Gloss has Gelly high glossy polymer, sheabutter, vitamin A,C,E derivatives, Rosehip oil.

Type Of Fruity Lip Gloss
1. Strawberry
2. Plum
3. Mangosteen
4. Peach
5. PomeGranate
6. Cherry
7. Apple

How To Use
Remove excess gel by wiping the tube tip off on the top of the Gloss. Apply liberally onto the lips.

This is 2rd Princess -Plum. The color of the Plum Fruit Lip Gloss have a little bit Peach color. It look nice and sweaty once you apply it. 

This two are 4th Princess -Peach and 7th Princess -Apple.

This is 5th Princess -PomeGranate and 6th Princess -Cherry.

At the bottom side of the bottle, it will stated for the Manufacturer Date for this product.

This is the packaging for 7 Princess Fruit Lip Gloss

7 Princess Q up to introduce for themselves, this is the low light conditions, you can see No. 2 and No. 7 with a pearl color (but not the kind of brilliant color, but the water of the kind of color with a pearl)

Summarize Color for 7 Princess Fruit Lip Gloss
From left - right, 1st princess - 7th princess sample color